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  • Wild Wild West – Xinjiang (part 2)
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  • European Winter

    European Winter

    Whereas I love to go back to Europe in summer to enjoy the long days, I also quite like to go back in winter. There is definitely less chance for sun, but it offers a welcome change from the ever same temperatures we have here in the tropics. This year’s two-week trip […]

  • Geylang – Singapore, differently

    Geylang – Singapore, differently

    Geylang is a district that is in many ways different from other Singapore neighbourhoods. Geographically, the area is characterized by the straight, pretty long Geylang Road which served as one of the main arteries and from which smaller lanes (called ‘lorong’) go off perpendicularly to the north and south. The […]

  • Outdoor life in Krabi

    Outdoor life in Krabi

    While Singapore was busy with the General Elections and taken in by the yearly haze period, we profited from the extraordinary holiday on Friday and went off for a weekend escape to Krabi. What started with the idea to spend a relaxing weekend at the beach, turned out to become […]

  • Muddy Waters

    Muddy Waters

    Today, we visited the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve , a place I wanted to see for a while already. I don’t know why we did not made it there earlier … maybe because I considered it too far?! (I mean not really far, but as far as it gets within […]

  • Happy Birthday, Singapore!

    Happy Birthday, Singapore!

    This weekend Singapore celebrates SG50 – 50 years of independence – with a spectacular program of festivities and attractions matching the incredible development of Singapore over the past half-century. One of the most impressive and photogenic happenings was the military showcasing their strength and parading their boats, tanks and planes. The below photos are […]

  • Distinctively Chinese

    Distinctively Chinese

    My last week’s holidays brought me back to China and to visit a friend in her hometown. Visiting the northeast of China is rather off from traditional tourist spots and without explanation most people wondered why I would travel there. For me, it was a special and very nice aspect to […]

  • Cityscapes of China’s northeast

    Cityscapes of China’s northeast

    For our recent trip to Tianjin and Dalian in China’s northeast I did not leave with the expectation of taking pictures with a deep blue sky as China’s cities are known for their high level of air pollution. And I was proven right: Although the pollution was not terrible, the […]

  • Colours


    “Colours are the smiles of nature.” (Leigh Hunt) After a lazy Sunday morning, we opted for some afternoon activity and made a trip to nearby Pulau Ubin. Here are some colourful impressions from our bicycle trip.

  • Beautiful days in the Alps

    Beautiful days in the Alps

    For my recent trip back to Switzerland and Liechtenstein I was perfectly lucky and enjoyed to weeks with lots of sun and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. Although being there mainly for business, I managed to profit from the beautiful summer weather and kept myself busy with lots of outdoor activities with friends and […]

  • Beach weekend in Bintan

    Beach weekend in Bintan

    After a few tiring weeks I was ready for a relaxing weekend with nothing much to do.  The idea of hanging around at home didn’t really excite me and that’s why we opted for short getaway to Bintan. There, I limited my activities to relaxing at the beach, swimming, strolling through the resort and […]