Geylang is a district that is in many ways different from other Singapore neighbourhoods. Geographically, the area is characterized by the straight, pretty long Geylang Road which served as one of the main arteries and from which smaller lanes (called ‘lorong’) go off perpendicularly to the north and south. The district still mostly consists of shophouses from between 1840 and 1940. Fortunately, these shophouses are protected from redevelopment and now make the perfect backdrop for plenty of restaurants, karaoke lounges, bars and brothels.

Geylang seems to be the one place in Singapore where the overall very strict enhancement of rules is less stringent and where the police – although very much present (to prevent any serious offences, I guess) – often turns a blind eye. It is not uncommon to find people smoking in restaurants or other public spaces, to see street vendors set up their makeshift stalls and sell pills or to be able to choose between different services offered by prostitutes aplenty.

It is THE place to go if you wish to escape the orderly (sometimes sterile) life and enjoy a fun time, strolling the street, enjoying good food and a comparatively cheap beer. During the season in August it is also the number one place to find the best durian.









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