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  • Back to the roots

    Back to the roots

    After two years abroad we finally made it back to our families for this Christmas 2013. The week in Berne and Liechtenstein was packed with festive lunches and dinners with family and friends. We very much enjoyed to spend time with our loved ones …. and to breath fresh and […]

  • Volunteer week in Cambodia

    Volunteer week in Cambodia

    During our last trips we came up with the wish to acquire a new perspective. Instead of travelling we thus opted to join Globalteer ( as volunteers. So, in August 2013, off we went for a new experience and the discovery of a new country, Cambodia. After spending a day […]

  • Street life in Georgetown, Penang

    Street life in Georgetown, Penang

    There’s always a reason to go for a weekend escape and there’s always a reason to celebrate, especially if there really is something like the 10 year anniversary (June 2003 – June 2013. Oh gosh, that sounds incredible!). We both did not fancy to head to some standard romantic retreat, […]

  • Relaxing in Phuket

    Relaxing in Phuket

    In April 2013 we went for a weekend escape to Phuket. The weather was not perfect but the two days were very relaxing and our program did anyway not include much more than sampling good Thai food (and the one or other glass of wine) and enjoying Thai massages. The […]

  • Australia – on the road again

    Australia – on the road again

    January 2013 brought us two weeks of holidays in Australia and a whole lot of diversification from Singapore. We started in Sydney and headed down along the coast before taking the Great Alpine Road to reach Melbourne. The second half of our trip was along the coast from Melbourne to […]

  • History and Modernity in Seoul

    History and Modernity in Seoul

    To enjoy the autumn weather we went for another city trip in October 2012. The Korean capital Seoul beautifully combines Old and New (History and Modernity) and that’s what marked our trip from A to Z. From our room (we stayed both in an electronic-equipped hotel room in the hip Gangnam […]

  • 北京 欢迎 你 – Welcome to Beijing

    北京 欢迎 你 – Welcome to Beijing

    A few years back, China was the first Asian country I have visited and the place where I started to consider Asia as a real option to spend part of my life. In September 2012 , after more than a year in Singapore, it felt it was the right moment […]

  • Sunrise at Mount Bromo

    Sunrise at Mount Bromo

    Sometimes it is good to leave the city life behind and indulge in some nature and outdoor activities. That’s why in August 2012, I spent a weekend with friends in East Java. On our program was a volcano (yes, again… there are so many!), Mount Bromo. It is beautifully situated […]

  • Myanmar – it’s all about the people

    Myanmar – it’s all about the people

    After some deliberation we chose Myanmar for our two weeks holiday in June 2012. Myanmar offers stunning landscapes. If I compare it however to how the people welcomed us in their country the landscapes fall definitely short. From young to old, the people we met offered us a friendly smile […]

  • Team Building Trek

    Team Building Trek

    The Easter weekend 2012 was all about team building. I left with my working colleagues for a 2 day trip to Indonesia. Our goal was to reach the summit of Mount Gede, a volcano not far from Jakarta. We started hiking up through dense forest for several hours until we […]