To enjoy the autumn weather we went for another city trip in October 2012. The Korean capital Seoul beautifully combines Old and New (History and Modernity) and that’s what marked our trip from A to Z.

From our room (we stayed both in an electronic-equipped hotel room in the hip Gangnam Business District and in a traditional Korean Hanok house only a short walking distance from the Royal Palace) to shopping (stalls selling honey candy made after an old royal recipe next to top-notch shopping malls) to dinner (15 course ‘Enlightenment’ meal in a Buddhist restaurant, Korean BBQ or street food) our experiences were very diverse.

An excursion to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone, between North- and South Korea) and a hike to the top of one of the mountains surrounding the city completed our short but excellent Korea trip.

Seoul Royal Palace

Seoul Street Life

Seoul City View

Seoul Statue

Seoul Kites

Seoul Taekwando

Seoul Mountain Temple

Seoul Menu

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