February 2016

Whereas I love to go back to Europe in summer to enjoy the long days, I also quite like to go back in winter. There is definitely less chance for sun, but it offers a welcome change from the ever same temperatures we have here in the tropics.
This year’s two-week trip was actually a busy business trip to Zurich, Geneva and Luxembourg that left a few days off work at the end. I wondered what to do and finally decided to stay in Luxembourg as this would not only minimize the travels but also allow for some new discoveries. Some of my work colleagues in Switzerland called me nuts for spending extra time in Luxembourg … and I did not really know what to expect.
However, I liked it from the beginning. It was a great change of perspective from the daily life in bustling Asia. The people are very friendly and open and due to the short distances it was easy to get around by foot. Albeit small, the town is very diverse and offers lots of history, something I am missing here in Singapore. To spice things up, we also went for a day trip to two nearby highlights. Trier, the oldest city in Germany, and Vianden, a small village with an impressive castle in the north of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg and Trier_2

Luxembourg and Trier_1

Luxembourg and Trier_3

Luxembourg and Trier_5

Luxembourg and Trier_6

Luxembourg and Trier_7

Luxembourg and Trier_8

Luxembourg and Trier_9

Luxembourg and Trier_1_1

Luxembourg and Trier_2_1

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