During our last trips we came up with the wish to acquire a new perspective. Instead of travelling we thus opted to join Globalteer (www.globalteer.org) as volunteers. So, in August 2013, off we went for a new experience and the discovery of a new country, Cambodia.

After spending a day in the capital, Phnom Penh (where we were warmly welcomed by some students and the project leader), we headed to the somewhat remote province of Mondulkiri in the south-eastern part of the country, not far from the border with Vietnam. During our volunteer week we spent time with kids at an orphanage and a boarding school; teaching English, exposing them (and us) to new and inspiring experiences and (most importantly) having lots of fun! We were able to get an impression of their daily life and its joys and struggles and it was a short but very enriching experience!

We also spent one day at a nearby Elephant camp (www.elephantvalleyproject.org) where the old and often mistreated animals have the chance to retire and to live like they are meant to. It is a beautiful, very serene place!

To round off our stay in Cambodia we finished with a more touristy program and spent a few days in Siem Reap, exploring the magnificent temples of Angkor.

Phnom Penh

Cambodia Street

Cambodia Phnom Penh

Cambodia Monkey

Cambodia Palace


Cambodia Mondulkiri Landscape

Cambodia working lady

Cambodia Church

Cambodia Traditional House

Cambodia Orphanage Class

Cambodia Class Preparation

Cambodia Dancing Girls

Elephant Camp

Cambodia Elephant II

Cambodia Elephant Bull

Cambodia At Work II

On the way from Mondulkiri to Siem Reap

Cambodia Playing Kids

Cambodia Monks clothes

Cambodia Tuk Tuk

Siem Reap and the Temples of Angkor

Cambodia Monks

Cambodia Ta Phrom

Cambodia Angkor Thom

Cambodia Bayon

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