After some deliberation we chose Myanmar for our two weeks holiday in June 2012. Myanmar offers stunning landscapes. If I compare it however to how the people welcomed us in their country the landscapes fall definitely short. From young to old, the people we met offered us a friendly smile and came across in a very warm-hearted and authentically curious way. Sometimes, we were able to exchange some words in English, but often a smile and some gestures made the deal.

I will never forget the kids taking us by their small hands and showing us around their home (the place they were living, the mango tree behind the house and the temple on the other side of the fence), the lady at the market who engaged several other people in her search for a knife and spoon in order to be able to offer us a freshly cut coconut as refreshing drink in the 40 degree heat of Meiktila (without accepting that we pay for it) or the monk who, without speaking a single word in English, invited us to his room next to the temple to show us some photographs and to share a cup of tea and cookies.

These are only a few memories of this once in a life-time experience. Chei-zu tin-bar-te (thank you)!


Myanmark Temple Interior

Inle Lake

Myanmar Tomatoes



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