In March 2014, just two years after my first visit, we went back to Bali for a long weekend. I am not that much into beach holidays and will get bored after a couple of hours relaxing in an armchair (or “doing nothing” as I would call it).

Therefore, we headed to Ubud, a beautiful small town, with lots of artistic flair. An excellent spot to wind down and while away some time in one of the cafes or shopping for local products. I was positively surprised to see that the place had not changed much and that it is, albeit not impossible, still rare to see the ubiquitous global brands.

And there is much more… within short distance you can find temples and similar cultural highlights amid amazing nature (rainforest at its best; beautiful, (sometimes) hidden gorges and lots and lots of rice paddies). This all makes for a spectacular backdrop to day trips or to a bicycle tour and invites you to stop once in a while to take pictures (or catch your breath :-)).

Bali Offering

Bali Ricefield

Bali Ubud Street

Bali Prayers

Bali Statue

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