This year’s holiday in May 2014 brought us not only back to China but also back in time. We travelled on the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang (China’s biggest province, located in the far northwest) and went out to discover a completely different side of China.

Our starting point was the city of Kashgar. It tells you a great deal on what to expect if you read that it is geographically closer to Teheran or Moscow than to Beijing; and even more if I add that I feel it is not only geographically! The largest ethnic group are the Uighurs, very friendly people who love to wear colourful silk dresses and hats in different shapes, who eat lamb – or rather sheep – as often as possible (as kebab, with noodles, with rice, with nan, as soup, the knuckles, the head, the liver and what other part you may think of…) and who as devoted Muslims have built mosques at almost every corner of a street.

All these characteristics are not normally associated with China and made this trip very special and so different from my previous adventures in China. Get a first impression (“it’s all about people”) with below pictures and then let’s go “wild west” in the second part.

Muslim Life
Xinjiang Kashgar Mosque_resize

Xinjiang Prayers_resize

Xinjiang Mausoleum_resize

Xinjiang On the Way to the Mosque_resize

Yurt – Kyrgyz Style
Xinjiang Yurt_resize

Street Life
Xinjiang Playing Kids_resize

Xinjiang Motorbike_resize

Xinjiang Boys_resize

Xinjiang Street_resize

Xinjiang Laughing Girls_resize

Xinjiang Lady_resize

Xinjiang Market_resize

Xinjiang Hat Seller_resize

Xinjiang Breakfast_resize

Xinjiang Sheep Market_resize