The holidays in Central Vietnam in July 2014 were full of surprises…less so for you reading this post, but more for myself.

I have actually spent more than two days at the beach and was not bored! Having spent time with my sister, her husband and their two kids surely contributed to this… nevertheless, I was quite astonished.
I did a lot of shopping and had fun doing it! As I usually hardly buy anything, this was quite a change.
I travelled much less than normal and enjoyed to stay at the same place for several days.

There might be different explanations and reasons and one might event think that it is simply because I’m getting older. Who knows?

It is however not as if we would not have seen anything from the country. Hoi An and Hue are very different places, but both beautiful in their way. The below pictures try to convey my holiday feeling which in words would be summarised as follows:
friendly and helpful people, beautiful beaches and landscapes, interesting historic and cultural sites – all in all an excellent mix!

Vietnam Hoi An Sreet Life

Vietnam Hoi An Market

Vietnam Market 1

Vietnam Temple Roof

Vietnam Hue Traffic

Vietnam Billiard

Vietnam Football

Vietnam Doors

Vietnam Cham Island

Vietnam US Army

Vietnam Palace

Vietnam Market 2

Vietnam Lantern Making

Vietnam Hoi An

Vietnam Lanterns

Vietnam Beach

Vietnam Squid

Vietnam Market 3

Vietnam Royal Tombs

Vietnam Fishing

Vietnam Monks

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