G’day to my blog post about a six day trip to West Australia in early September 2014.
It was a very ‘sensual’ trip, literally covering all senses: beautiful landscapes for the eyes, radio music for the ears, wonderfully cooked food to smell, wine to taste, and alternatingly wind and sun touching the skin. Awesome! In Italy, I would have called it ‘La Dolce Vita’.

Arriving in Perth, we did not spend much time there and swiftly headed to Fremantle (or Freo), a great place to unwind and start this trip in a typical Aussie manner – with fresh muesli for breakfast, burger for lunch and a trip to the prison to learn more about the convict era.

We then headed down south along the coast, enjoying the stunning coast line at Geographe Bay. Luckily, we arrived just in time to witness a gorgeous, coral red sunset and even spotted some whales on their way up along the coast.

We spent the remaining time in the Margaret River Region, keeping us busy with wonderful activities such as:
– Trying to capture the perfect wave during photo sessions at the rugged coast line of Canal Rocks and Sugarloaf Rock
– Tasting white, red and sweet wine! And chocolate!
– Climbing to the top of a lighthouse and the bottom of a beautiful limestone cave
– Breathing fresh air while walking all the way out into the sea on the 1.8km long Busselton Jetty
– Whiling away time in restaurants, pairing fresh fish and seafood with local wine and talking about anything and everything

Hopefully, see ya again soon, Australia!


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Australia Canal Rocks

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Australia Fremantle Window

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Australia Fremantle  Wheel

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Australia Sugarloaf Rock

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