Dakota Crescent is one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates. When it was recently announced that the 17 low-rise blocks are going to be destroyed and the neighbourhood redeveloped, I decided that it was high time to have a closer look and discover this hidden treasure before it is gone for good. The estate was built in 1958 – at a time when Singapore was not yet independent – and seems to have hardly changed ever since.

I started my tour with breakfast at Tian Kee, a retro-styled café. I have read that it had taken over the premises of the Tian Kee Provision Shop which was privately run and for 54 years catered to the daily needs of the neighbourhood.

In the late afternoon I came back in order to stroll around the blocks and take some pictures. I was initially not happy as the weather was rather hazy. After review I find however that it adds a special touch and conveys the nostalgic feeling really well.

Dakota Crescent_04

Dakota Crescent_02

Dakota Crescent_03

Dakota Crescent_01

Dakota Crescent_05

Dakota Crescent_06

Dakota Crescent_07

Dakota Crescent_08

Dakota Crescent_09

Dakota Crescent_10

Dakota Crescent_11

Dakota Crescent_12

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