Uighur Lady
Kashgar, Xinjiang (May 2014)

The towns of this Chinese province have an abundance of dental shops. Most ladies cover their hair but whoever can afford it proudly reveals their perfect gold teeth.

Xinjiang Lady_resize

Selling Cattle
Kashgar, Xinjiang (May 2014)

The Sunday Life Stock Market is the place to be if you are into selling or buying cattle, meeting friends and eating local food or just getting dusty and taking interesting pictures.

Xinjiang Life Stock Market_resize

Playing kids
Siem Reap, Cambodia (August 2013)

Away from the hustle and bustle at the Temples of Angkor these kids keep themselves busy building their own miniature temples out of mud.

Cambodia Kids II

Weaving scarfs
Mondulkiri, Cambodia (August 2013)

In this remote village an elderly lady spends her days in front of her house, weaving scarfs which will then be sold to as passing visitor or at the region’s market.

Cambodia working lady

Invitation for tea
Bagan, Myanmar (June 2012)

Strolling through a somewhat remote temple complex this monk welcomed us and led us to his room. He invited us for tea and even so we were unable to speak a single word in the same language we had a very lovely conversation.

Myanmar Sitting Buddha

Family at Home
Bagan, Myanmar (June 2012)

After posing for the family portrait the kids showed us around their house and a small hidden temple and proudly pointed out that the fruits on their mango tree were delicious to eat.

Kite Runners
Pyay, Myanmar (June 2012)

School Class Excursion
Bangkok, Thailand (March 2012)

Shop Owner
Bangkok, Thailand (March 2012)

Bangkok Lady