The following is a story of great adventure, new discoveries and strange encounters … at least as much as you can expect in nowadays Singapore ;-).

On this Saturday afternoon we set off to discover the far west of Singapore, a region until now completely unknown to me.
We started at Bukit Batok Town Park, also known as Little Guilin because of its resemblance to Guilin in China, and took in the beautiful natural scenery and tranquillity. For many years, this place has been a quarry and the granite rocks still remain impressive and a bit out of place in otherwise mostly flat Singapore.

Following a small trail along the waters of Lake Guilin we reached a hidden path – with a sign indicating that is has been permanently closed. It was leading up and into the dense forest and, of course, we ignored the sign and followed the track. And we were not alone; we met a woman, a Romanian living in Indonesia and on a short trip to Singapore, and continued our adventures together. The track led us through thick foliage, first up to an overgrown viewpoint and then down to a small stream. After a bit more than one hour and some back and forth, we finally found our way out of the forest and back to civilization, which in this case (and typical for Singapore) was a construction site.


Bukit Batok_1

Bukit Batok_2

Bukit Batok_5

Bukit Batok_4

Bukit Batok_3

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