This second trip to Chiang Mai brought me close to the nature, architecture and people of Northern Thailand. The long weekend started off with the festive and special atmosphere of Loi Krathong, Chiang Mai’s yearly Lantern Festival. Watching thousands of candles floating on the river and lanterns in the sky creates a very picturesque ambiance (which I found however very difficult to capture on camera). Combined with a massage and delicious Thai food it was the perfect way to relax before the next day and the ups and downs of an exhausting but absolutely beautiful trek and bike tour in Chiang Dao.

Last but not least, I rounded off the weekend with a super interesting and funny one day photo workshop with A Day of Photography in Chiang Mai. The workshop focused on street portraiture and allowed me to get up close to the local people and their daily life and experience very precious moments with and without my camera.


Chiang Mai Portraiture_02

Chiang Mai Portraiture_01

Chiang Mai Portraiture_12

Chiang Mai Portraiture_09 Chiang Mai Portraiture_10 Chiang Mai Portraiture_11

Chiang Mai Portraiture_03

Chiang Mai Portraiture_08

Chiang Mai Portraiture_06

Chiang Mai Portraiture_07

Chiang Mai Portraiture_05

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