Visits from family or friends are always special and obviously also include a fair bit of sightseeing. Whereas we visit the major sights each time, we also try to keep it interesting for ourselves and come up with some new discoveries. That’s why, for the recent visit of my partner’s parents, we headed to the River Safari .

Choosing a Monday was a smart move and left us with few people and plenty of time…. Time to marvel at the sometimes cute, sometimes strange and mostly exotic animals, to learn about the ecosystems of the world’s largest rivers, including the Amazon, Nile, Ganges, Mekong, Congo, Mississippi and Yangtze, and for me to take lots of pictures.

In comparison to the wild, the protected environment of an animal park offers higher chances of close encounters with animals and for hobby photographers higher chances of actually capturing them on a photo and ending up with some interesting pictures.

Singapore River Safari_7

Singapore River Safari_2

Singapore River Safari_1

Singapore River Safari_3

Singapore River Safari_4

Singapore River Safari_5

Singapore River Safari_6

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