Hong Kong is the place I have first set foot in Asia. Almost five years ago, my partner and I have spent two days and one sleepless night in Hong Kong. It was my very first experience on the Asian continent and I was instantly fascinated from this whole new world. Back at that time, we were living in Switzerland and yearning to move abroad. However, Asia has never been a consideration until suddenly during this evening in Hong Kong we realised that Asia would indeed be our direction to go. Following a sleepless night and some three weeks of traveling in China we headed back to Switzerland with the plan to come back soon. A year later we started to pack our bags and moved to Singapore…

Our trip to Hong Kong in February 2015 was thus very much a walk down memory lane. Comparing our experience with how it has been the first time, I realised how many new things I have learned over the past years and how much I got accustomed to and fond of Asia. While five years ago I was overwhelmed and fascinated with all new things, now it is different. It feels a bit less exciting for sure, but it still feels very good.

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