Last Sunday I took part in the Green Corridor Run, a unique and beautiful 10.5km run that starts at the historic Tanjong Pagar Rail Station and winds its way along the green corridor to finish at the old Bukit Timah Rail Station.

The Green Corridor is a stretch of greenery along the former rail tracks which have been removed shortly after the train service across Singapore has stopped in 2011. By now, four years later, it has developed into a habitat for wildlife and a picturesque recreational area for runners and bikers.

During the run I got a first impression of the beautiful nature and discovered some interesting sights, well worth further exploring. That’s why I headed back this weekend for a second encounter. This time I followed the trail in the opposite direction, at a much slower pace and with my camera.

The Bukit Timah Rail Station is accessible and is the only part which still showcases a short stretch of railway tracks. The Tanjong Pagar Rail Station and the surrounding railway yard, which comprises staff quarters and a signal station, is however fenced off. Maybe this is on purpose to encourage me to participate again in next year’s race …

Green Corridor_01

Green Corridor_03

Green Corridor_07

Green Corridor_04

Green Corridor_05

Green Corridor_06

Green Corridor_08

Green Corridor_11

Green Corridor_10

Green Corridor_09

Green Corridor_12

Green Corridor_13

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