We spent this year’s long Easter weekend in Bangkok. Returning to a place I have been before always feels special; however Bangkok being so vast and diverse, I did not cover much of what I have previously seen and almost none of the usual tourist sites. We spent most of our time in Old Town Bangkok, not far from the river and wandering the lanes off from Samsen Road. It felt a bit like a trip back to old times and into a much more colourful world!

We took our time to join a cooking class, to wander the narrow streets and lanes, to roam local markets, to stop at street stalls and enjoy the little delights of Old Town Bangkok.

We also included a day trip to Kanchanaburi, a small and historic-rich town where we visited the famous bridge over the River Kwai, the impressive WWII cemetery and an excellent museum before we walked the short but beautiful heritage street, still intact with houses dating back more than 100 years and showcasing the diverse influences that the town witnessed over the past century (Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Japanese).

At the end of each day, delicious, fresh and spicy Thai food and replenishing Thai massages helped us gain back our much needed energy!

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