After a rainy and lazy Saturday I left home on Sunday with the plan to cycle along the Northern Coast of Singapore. First, we stopped for a fresh seafood lunch at Pasir Ris Town Park … and had to stay put as we were trapped by heavy rain showers… (again)!
Once they cleared we made our way to Pasir Ris Park and switched from our initial idea of riding a bike to a leisurely walk through the mangrove forest and along the coast. This allowed us to enjoy the greenery and have a lookout for birds, snakes, crabs and clams hidden high in the trees or in the mud.
It was no big escape, but Pasir Ris made a nice afternoon outing – before, during and especially after the rain. 😉

Pasir Ris_6

Pasir Ris_2

Pasir Ris_1

Pasir Ris_3

Pasir Ris_4

Pasir Ris_5

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