It all started in 2011 when I got this email. “We are looking for someone like you. Are you interested?” I was and few weeks later I was in the midst of packing. I was going to live abroad! … not for holidays, travel or some exchange program … for real!

At that moment I was in my late twenties and living abroad has for a long time been a wish. Lucky girl that I am my partner shared this feeling! So, off we went!

In Summer 2011 we have moved to Singapore and by now, soon three years later, I have grown so fond of the Little Red Dot that I call it my home. I actually always feel very touched when the crew of Singapore Airlines welcomes the passengers with “…. and to all Singaporeans and residents ‘Welcome Home’.”

Ever since my first days at my new home there were so many places to discover, new experiences to make and impressions to capture (and digest), that I quickly realized that taking photos was essential to keep track of the moment and to share my life with my friends and loved ones left behind.

In this blog you will find insights into my life at home, from my traveling abroad and many many pictures. Bear with me as I am still improving my photo skills … some pictures might be good, some not that good, but I hope all of them interesting.

Have fun exploring the content and come back soon and often to check for new and exciting updates!