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  • 北京 欢迎 你 – Welcome to Beijing

    北京 欢迎 你 – Welcome to Beijing

    A few years back, China was the first Asian country I have visited and the place where I started to consider Asia as a real option to spend part of my life. In September 2012 , after more than a year in Singapore, it felt it was the right moment […]

  • Sunrise at Mount Bromo

    Sunrise at Mount Bromo

    Sometimes it is good to leave the city life behind and indulge in some nature and outdoor activities. That’s why in August 2012, I spent a weekend with friends in East Java. On our program was a volcano (yes, again… there are so many!), Mount Bromo. It is beautifully situated […]

  • Myanmar – it’s all about the people

    Myanmar – it’s all about the people

    After some deliberation we chose Myanmar for our two weeks holiday in June 2012. Myanmar offers stunning landscapes. If I compare it however to how the people welcomed us in their country the landscapes fall definitely short. From young to old, the people we met offered us a friendly smile […]

  • Beautiful Bali

    Beautiful Bali

    Bali is beautiful and the pace in Bali is slow. Both is great and caters to wonderful stimulating but relaxing holidays! In February 2012, after 6 months living and working in Singapore, Bali was our first and, I think, well-deserved holiday trip. The island’s population is mostly Hindu and there […]

  • Welcome to my blog!

    Welcome to my blog!

    Since I have moved to Singapore in Summer 2011 I am working on my photography skills. My pictures show the daily life – in Singapore and other countries I travel to. Have fun exploring my blog! Seit ich im Sommer 2011 nach Singapore umgezogen bin, beschäftige ich mich mehr mit […]