The setting of a book I have recently read (“Crazy Rich Asians”) is a huge and extravagant palace in the middle of Singapore. After some searches on Internet I found that the author must have got his inspiration from an indeed existing place! It is Istana Woodneuk, a mansion that was built by the Sultan of Johor more than 120 years ago. In the history of the “palace” lots of royalties and important people must have visited and walked the impressive staircase.

For unknown reasons, the place has been left abandoned sometimes in the 1950s. In the 60 years since, Mother Nature has taken over and the mansion now lies hidden in the jungle.

As I love such discoveries, I got friends and camera ready and we went on the search of this hidden and abandoned place. What we found is eerily beautiful and lets one imagine its former glory!

Istana Woodneuk_2

Istana Woodneuk_3

Istana Woodneuk_1

Istana Woodneuk_4

Istana Woodneuk_7

Istana Woodneuk_9

Istana Woodneuk_5

Istana Woodneuk_6

Istana Woodneuk_8

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