In December 2013 I have participated at our company’s photography contest.
The given theme was ‘Power’ and I have submitted the below two pictures.

DSC047461 Powernap
Power nap
Arriving after a night flight l I was tiredly walking trough the streets of Seoul on this hot and sunny October afternoon, when I found this man taking a nap while sitting on a bench in the shade. After his power nap, also known as “Siesta del Hidalgo” (Gentleman’s Nap) in Spain, he was surely more awake than I was for the rest of this day.

DSC00241 Entangled
Wandering through the dark and narrow lanes of Bangkok’s Chinatown I was taking pictures of the stalls and items they sell. A thin line of sunlight caught my attention and I turned my head up to the sky to discover artfully intertwined cables ensuring the power connection of the stalls selling their curiosities.

‘Power nap’ was finally selected as winning photo of the competition! Yeah!! 🙂

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