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  • Off the beaten track

    Off the beaten track

    The following is a story of great adventure, new discoveries and strange encounters … at least as much as you can expect in nowadays Singapore ;-). On this Saturday afternoon we set off to discover the far west of Singapore, a region until now completely unknown to me. We started […]

  • Neighbourhood nostalgia

    Neighbourhood nostalgia

    Dakota Crescent is one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates. When it was recently announced that the 17 low-rise blocks are going to be destroyed and the neighbourhood redeveloped, I decided that it was high time to have a closer look and discover this hidden treasure before it is gone […]

  • Sporty Architecture

    Sporty Architecture

    Singapore is probably more famous for architecture than sports. Now, there exists however a place which combines these two elements in a great way. In June 2014 the all new Singapore Sports Hub has opened its doors and revealed some stunning architecture. Foremost, the National Stadium with its retractable roof. […]

  • Kampong Buangkok

    Kampong Buangkok

    Buangkok is the last Kampong (village) remaining on mainland Singapore. It was built in 1956 and since seems pretty untouched. Obviously, it makes a great excursion for nature and heritage lovers and for photo enthusiasts. That is why two friends from my recent photo course and me headed there for […]

  • Birds, birds, birds

    Birds, birds, birds

    Soon, it will be three years that I have lived in Singapore and, fortunately, there are still a few sights and attractions that I have not yet (or not yet enough!) seen. From time to time, especially in order to avoid too much routine, I try to review my imaginary […]

  • Christmas 2011 at the beach

    Christmas 2011 at the beach

    2011, my first Christmas away from family! We chose to leave Singapore for a few days and to go to Bintan. This place is neither exotic (too many Singaporeans) nor adventurous (resorts all over the north coast), but definitely conveniently close (45min ferry ride from Singapore) and very relaxing. It […]

  • Sweet home, Singapore

    Sweet home, Singapore

    Some fascinating (and controversial) impressions about my Sweet home, Singapore. Bukit Brown is all about heritage, habitat and history. It is an old Chinese Cemetery used at the beginning of the 20th century. By now it is mostly abandoned and nature has taken over… think rare bird species and rainforest! […]

  • Pulau Ubin or Back to Nature

    Pulau Ubin or Back to Nature

    7am on a Sunday morning, I find it hard to get up! It is however one of the most rewarding things to do. Especially if heading to Pulau Ubin. This small island is a mere 10 minutes off from Singapore but feels like very far away… laid-back village life reminiscent […]

  • How it all started

    How it all started

    It all started in 2011 when I got this email. “We are looking for someone like you. Are you interested?” I was and few weeks later I was in the midst of packing. I was going to live abroad! … not for holidays, travel or some exchange program … for […]

  • My first Photography Contest

    My first Photography Contest

    In December 2013 I have participated at our company’s photography contest. The given theme was ‘Power’ and I have submitted the below two pictures. Power nap Arriving after a night flight l I was tiredly walking trough the streets of Seoul on this hot and sunny October afternoon, when I found this man […]